About Us

The Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) was established in 1939 as a voluntary educational association of Ohio’s public universities. Today the association represents Ohio’s 14 public universities. Together, these institutions offer a broad range of associate, baccalaureate, graduate, and professional programs. The association’s purpose is to facilitate the development of common interest and concern of its members and to assist in sustaining and improving the quality of public higher education. IUC also engages in public relations, research and government liaison work on behalf of its members.

The major goal of the IUC is to sustain a consortium that: establishes a comfortable forum that fosters idea exploration and problem solving; facilitates relationship building and trust among and between presidents and senior campus officers; enables members to achieve together–through collaboration and cooperation–what institutions cannot likely achieve alone.

Dr. Rodney Rogers, President of Bowling Green State University, currently serves as the IUC chair. For an early history of the IUC, click here.

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