Council of Presidents

The Council of Presidents provides a forum for the Presidents of Ohio’s 14 public universities to discuss best practices and the advancement of higher education in Ohio by all appropriate means. The Council meets monthly for business meetings, but also on an as-needed basis to discuss more urgent matters. The Council coordinates action among the participating public universities in all matters of policy or practice which concern more than one of the institutions.

Through the Council, the participating public universities cooperate closely, placing common goals above conflicting institutional preferences. The Council strives to preserve maximum independence for all institutions and recognizes the unique mission of each. The Council cooperates with the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education in joint planning and development of educational policy, in designing cooperative strategies for cultivating public understanding and support, in coordinating and implementing public policy, and in ensuring representational interests of the public universities. The Council collaborates with other policy makers for the wider planning and operating functions of public postsecondary education in the state.

The Council Officers and Executive Committee members:

Chair: Rodney Rogers, Bowling Green State University

1st Vice Chair: Todd Diacon, Kent State University

2nd Vice Chair: Sue Edwards, Wright State University

Permanent At Large Member: Ted Carter, The Ohio State University

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