Records Retention


APRIL 2009 (click blue link)

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This edition of Records Retention for Public Colleges and Universities in the State of

Ohio: A Manual supersedes the version completed in 1992 and subsequently updated

in 1994 and 2000. Users will find several important changes:

  • presentation in a searchable PDF
  • elimination of redundant record series
  • consolidation of similar record series
  • development of a hierarchical arrangement framework
  • the assignment of a unique IUC code to each record series
  • utilization of controlled vocabulary

Probably the greatest change is that this work will stay current with state and federal

laws governing records retention and will promptly reflect any legal modifications.

The Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) has a contract with Information

Requirements Clearinghouse (IRCH) to use its software and its on-going database of

legal research. Three times each year, the IUC will receive updates from IRCH, and

will revise the manual for its member institutions.